Trace Minerals for Health and Longevity

Not all water is the same. Water tastes better and has more health benefits when it contains the right balance of minerals. Here are some of the main beneficial minerals that can be found in some hard waters around the world and trace mineral supplements that you can add to water. 

Lithium — Preserves memory function, blocks the IP3 pathways, which results in longevity benefits at low-doses ( around 5mg) and may also increase our grey matter.

Magnesium — Plays a crucial role in over 300 cellular processes including: DNA repair, energy production, muscle function, and may also extend lifespan by reducing the formation of R-loops, or RNA mediated DNA damage (RR2R3).

Sulfur (Sulfate) — Crucial for joint, hormone, and endogenous antioxidant functions (glutathione, metalloproteinases).

Boron — Improves bone density, acts as an anti-oxidant, and aids in hormone regulation (R).

Here are some of my favorite trace mineral supplements.

Swanson’s Trace Mineral Drops

Vitacost Trace Mineral Drops

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