This blog offers concise, research-based articles and other resources that can help you improve your health as quickly as possible.

My experience includes a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from UW-Madison and research experience in the world-renowned Thomson regenerative biology research lab. In the lab, I learned about the causes of stem-cell decline, cardiovascular disease, and regenerative medicine. I also helped to develop a system that could be used to study changes in ex-vivo vascular tissue and eventually be used to sustain complex tissues and organoids. 

Before my time in Madison, I worked for two years in an organic grocery store called Good Harvest Market. It was here that my passion for learning about health started. I noticed that many of our customers seemed healthy for their age, and I made my first tangible connection between diet and health. Later at Good Harvest, I was given the opportunity to work in the wellness department, where I helped customers find nutritional supplements, researched health topics for them, and collaborated with other wellness members. After seeing the difference I was able to make in people’s lives here, I was inspired to continue researching the connections between our lifestyle and health so that I could help more people live healthier.

All this time spent researching health and disease has given me a greater appreciation for the complexity of biology. Yet, despite this complexity, improving your health doesn’t have to be complex — Join me, as I distill the key insights I’ve learned that can help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Always talk to a health professional before doing things that may influence your health. This website only serves to inform, not provide medical advice.