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About the author (David Porkka):

My experience includes a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from UW-Madison and research experience in the Vereide Group, within the Thomson Regenerative Biology Lab.

In the lab, I learned about the causes of stem-cell decline, cardiovascular disease, and regenerative medicine. I also helped develop a system that could be used to study changes in vascular tissue and potentially be used to sustain vascular tissue in tissue banks for transplant patients.

Before living and working in Madison, I worked for two years in an organic grocery store called Good Harvest Market. It was here that my passion for learning about health started.

During my time in the produce department, I noticed that many of our fruit and vegetable-buying customers appeared healthy for their age, and I made my first tangible connection between diet and health.

Later at Good Harvest, I was given the opportunity to work in the wellness department, where I helped customers find nutritional supplements, researched health topics for them, and collaborated with other wellness members. After seeing the difference I was able to make in people’s lives here, I was inspired to keep learning about the connections between our lifestyle and health, so I could help more people live healthier.

All this time spent researching health and disease has given me a greater appreciation for the complexity of human biology. Yet, despite this complexity, improving your health doesn’t have to be complex.

Join me, as I distill the key insights I’ve learned that can help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

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