The most useful health resources, according to 5 Minute Health:

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Amazon Fresh  — Amazon grocery delivery. Get $25 off your first order with this link

Blinkest App  — Summarizes thousands of books, allowing you to quickly learn the most important points in 5 -10 minutes

Centers for Disease Control — Keeps the public informed about the latest disease outbreaks and ways to stay protected  — Database of thousands of drugs, side-effects, interactions, and other potentially life-saving info  — Concise health information with well-researched and evidence-based articles   — Covers a wide variety of kids and teens health topics.

Healthline — Quality source to find well-researched articles on almost any topic imaginable — Find a trusted doctor  — Cool health visualizations

Mayoclinic — One of the most respected health sources on the web

Medicalnewstoday — Medical news repository

Medlineplus  — Shares the latest health info and expert advice

Medscape — Medical info for health professionals

Menshealth  — Covers a wide range of men’s health topics

Merck Medical Manuals — Extensive online medical manuals — The Medical Library Association shares a ton of relevant health info.  — A valuable database of scientific articles  — Public medical health database

Reddit  — Search through thousands of forums to find experts and people who share what they’ve learned from overcoming with various ailments

RxList — Shares the latest health research, and provides a library of information on prescription drugs

SafetyWing — Affordable yet high-quality health and travel insurance that’s great for covering your bases when you’re traveling abroad. — Public Research database

Sleep Junkies  — Has sleep tips to help even the most resistant insomniacs

Swanson Vitamins  — Get $10 off your first order with this link

WebMD — Provides a panacea of health information, experts, and resources to help you be your best

WebMD Doctor Locator  — Find a doctor near you with this tool. — This site shares tons of healthy recipes and nutrition info for almost every plant-based food available. — Learn about many important biological pathways  — Yahoo for health — Spit in a tube and learn more about how your genetics influence your disease risk. This service works by analyzing many single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that influence your biology and can help to inform your health decisions and lifestyle choices.

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