Health Experts

Dr. Axe (DNM, DC, CNS) shares a ton of valuable health and fitness information on his website.

Dave Asprey – Biohacker and Creator of Bulletproof coffee. He shares info related to diet, lifestyle, and provides countless practical ways to impact your health on his site.

Joe Cohen – Master self-experimenter and biohacker, he shares a vast amount of relevant, condensed, health information on his site and also provides genetic analysis to his clients based on a lot of well-done research. He’s written extensively on almost every area of health imaginable and has much experience improving his own health.

Ben Greenfield – Has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and biomechanics, and has a used this knowledge to become a top-performing athlete in many different activities and also write about improving all aspects of human performance through his, books, talks, and blog.

Dr. Jack Kruse (Neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life) Shares many unique health insights and topics that helped him regain his own health and help thousands of other people live healthier. He has also done a great job patching together seemingly unrelated areas of health on his site in a very extensive yet interesting series of documents put into one unifying document which he calls the quilt.

P.D. Mangan – An experienced biohacker and author who shares a lot of research about physical fitness, nutrition, men’s health, and longevity.

Dr. Mercola (DO) – Has covered almost every health topic imaginable. He has a very popular site that has helped millions of people live healthier.

Josh Mitteldorf – Has maintained a very thorough blog that covers many topics related to health and is especially rich in content related to aging and telomeres.Https://

Dr. Rhonda Patrick – (Phd in biomedical science, BS degree in biochemistry/chemistry) Has an impressive research background in nutrition, brain health, and aging. She shares a wealth of knowledge on her site and provides very helpful knowledge-packed podcasts and videos.

Tim Ferriss – York Times bestselling author, known for writing The 4-hour Body, The 4-Hour Chef, and The 4-Hour Workweek. This Self-Proclaimed Human Guinea Pig has tons of valuable info on his site both related to health, fitness, and other areas.  Find a trusted doctor

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