Blue Light Blocking Glasses — These attractive glasses can help you get better sleep by blocking blue light.

Ear Plugs (Heros) —Perfect for use while traveling, work, or sleeping in noisy environments.

F.lux  — This free software lowers the amount of blue light that your computer screen puts out at night, which may improve your sleep.

Foam Roller — Looses up the fascia and may prevent connective tissue injuries.

Induction Cooktop (Nuwave) — Works great for cooking food quickly and boiling water faster than a microwave while also saving energy

Inversion Table —Helps with back pain, improves blood flow

Lacrosse Balls — Relieves tight muscles/ cramps, loosens the fascia, good for soft tissues

Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine — Produces a nice ambient sound that can be adjusted for the right volume and tone to prevent unwanted sounds from disrupting your sleep or work

Room Darkening Curtains —Keeps your bedroom as dark as possible and reduces morning light from disrupting your sleep

Sauna (Far-Infrared) — Has many health benefits – Alzheimer’s prevention, endurance exercise benefits, brain health, heart health

Thera Cane — Great for loosening up tight muscles and relieving muscle pain after exercise

Tiger Tail Massage StickTiger Tail Massage Stick — Handheld soft tissue massager

Pull-up Bar (Portable) — Great for getting some exercise when at home

Flat Shoes  — Chuck Taylor High Tops     Vans Old Skool Unisex –  For better posture and lower back health

Wireless Headphones (Sports)  — Earphones for use when exercising