Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Red Glasses) (Orange Glasses) – These attractive glasses can help you get better sleep by blocking blue light. You can tell they’re working because you can’t see blue when wearing them.

Ear Plugs (Heros) – Perfect for use while traveling, work, or sleeping in noisy environments.

F.lux  – This free software lowers the amount of blue light that your computer screen puts out at night, which may improve your sleep.

Foam Roller – Looses up the fascia and may prevent connective tissue injuries

Induction Cooktop (Nuwave) – Works great for cooking food quickly and boiling water faster than a microwave while also saving energy.

Inversion Table – Helps with back pain, improves blood flow

Lacrosse Balls – Relieves tight muscles/ cramps, loosens the fascia, good for soft tissues

Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine – Produces a nice ambient sound that can be adjusted for the right volume and tone to prevent unwanted sounds from disrupting your sleep or work.

Room Darkening Curtains – Keeps your bedroom as dark as possible and reduces morning light from disrupting your sleep.

Sauna (Far-Infrared) – Has many health benefits – Alzheimer’s prevention, endurance exercise benefits, brain health, heart health

Thera Cane – Great for loosening up tight muscles and relieving muscle pain after exercise

Tiger Tail Massage StickTiger Tail Massage Stick – Handheld soft tissue massager

Pull-up Bar (Portable) – Great for getting some exercise when at home

Flat Shoes  –  Chuck Taylor High Tops     Vans Old Skool Unisex –  For better posture and lower back health

Wireless Headphones (Sports) – Earphones for use when exercising