Block Blue Light for Better Sleep

Blue light is known to block melatonin production (R), This hormone is used by our brain to regulate our sleep-wake cycles and plays other roles in the body. Unfortunately, most electronic displays, such as our phones and computers are known to emit a lot of blue light, which disrupts your sleep when used too late at night.

There are programs you can install to reduce this blue light, such as flux. However, most software still allows some blue light to be emitted from your screen.

To completely block blue light you can use other blue light filters, such as red glasses, orange glasses (may let in a little blue light, but offer better visibility), or computer screen filters like this.

Prescription glasses now also contain a blue-violet light blocking coating which isn’t even noticeable and protects your eyes from high energy light which can damage your eyes over time.

If you prefer to go to bed late you may want to block light in the morning with room darkening curtains.

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